"Pride In What We Do---Foxhunting In The USA & Canada"
1st Place, Combination & Dual
2016 Washington Parish AA
BJ's Gus  
's Eli X Top Notch Thorn)
Short Bus Kennels, Loranger, LA
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Hall of Fame
                    2016 Hunters Horn/Johnson Telemetry
                                           Top Gun Field Trial,
                                   November 9-12, Hallsboro, NC
2016 Wahsington Parish Derby

1st, Combination & Classy Hound
#16- BJ's Secretar
Also pictured - 2nd- BJ's Automatic, 6th-
BJ's Maybelline, 7th- BJ's Cutless, 9th-
BJ's Angel & 10th- BJ's Benelli

Short Bus Kennels, Loranger, LA